Track List

Song Artist Album
The Sunny Vista Rupert Gregson Willams Bedtime Stories
Watch Hill Tim Janus Music of hope
The Great Plains Patrick Doyle Impressions of America
Summer’s Glory Tim Janus American Horizon
Hillside Meadow Tim Janus American Horizons
American Horizons Tim Janus American Horizons
The Rocky Mountains Tim Janus American Horizons
The Buffalo Hunt John Barry Dances with Wolves
Homeland Hans Zimmer Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
The Trees Jerry Goldsmith Medicine man
Opening   Angels in the Outfield
Under the Lighthouse Tim Janus A Quit Shore
Finali #1 Randy Edelman Dragonheart
March to Mortality Randy Edelman Gettysburg
Leaving Birch Ridge Joel McNeely Iron Will
Crossing the Line Joel McNeely Iron Will
Finali #1 Randy Edelman Dragonheart
Angel Falls George Fenton Planet Earth
A Quiet Shore Tim Janus Water’s Edge
The Patriot (Reprise) John Williams The Patriot
Point Reyes Tim Janus Coastal America
Grand Isle Tim Janus Angels in the Outfield
The End Title Randy Newman The Natural
To the Pacific Sam Cardon Lewis and Clarke: Great Journey
Music of Hope Various Artists Music of Hope
Learning Montage John Debney Swing Vote
Beautiful America Tim Janus Beautiful America
Eight Below Overture Mark Isham Eight Below
Fairy Dusted Festival Joel McNeely The Music From The Pirate Fairy