Track List

Song Artist Album
Up With the Titles Michael Giacchino Up
Carl Goes Up Michael Giacchino Up
Dept. of Family Reunions   Coco
The Scare Floor   Monsters Inc.
A Bug’s Life Suite from a Bug’s Land   A Bug’s Life
Merida’s Home   Brave
Field Trip   Finding Nemo
First Day   Finding Nemo
Gnarly Chop   Finding Dory
End Creditouilles   Ratatouille
Walk to Work   Monsters Inc.
Up With End Credits   Up
Fireflies   The Good Dinosaur
Fate and Destiny   Brave
Define Dancing   WALL-E
Sulley and Mike   Monsters Inc.
Fiesta Con De La Cruz   Coco
Run with the Herd   The Good Dinosaur
Fish Who Wander   Finding Dory
The Turtle Lope   Finding Nemo
End Creditouilles Continued   Ratatouille
Monsters, Inc.    Monsters Inc.
A Bug’s Life Suite   A Bug’s Life
Eve   WALL-E
Remy Drives a Linguini   Ratatouille